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We now have 4 Siberian huskys, Sakura, Yuki, Endo and Ninjin. They are our little sled dogs and we can be found most cold weekends, very early at the forest where they love to run like the wind.

Anita first started dog walking in 2009 after deciding that she would rather be out with our dogs in the forest and not in a nice warm office. It was the best decision she has ever made and she has never been happier. She has not only learnt a lot about herself and our own dogs but about all the different breeds she has walked, every day she learns something new.

Graham joined Dogs Business in 2014 and has been a huge hit with all of our daytime forster dogs.

We believe in Positive Reinforcement, it helps to build a happy, confident, well balanced family member who will gladly do anything you ask of them.

We have both taken part in Dog Training Courses with Steve Mann of the Institute Of Modern Dog Training, Sarah Whitehead of "Think Dog" and  “Tellington TTouch”  with Sarah Fisher.  We also both have our canine 1st Aid certificates.


We have 2 vans, both with fitted crates. Each and every dog travels in their own crate to ensure they have enough space and to keep them comfotable, safe and secure whilst on their travels with us.

We use our own leads which are checked regularly and we carry a HUGE bag of treats and poop bags on each session.

We use only positive training techniques and therefore have no space in our toolkits for shock collars, prong collars, head collars, spray collars, cattle prods or anything which is designed to be uncomfortable or intimidating.


We take out a maximum of 4 dogs per session. All four dogs have been selected to ensure they will get along. There is nothing worse than having to spend your 45 minutes of fun time with someone you don't like. This time is for our daytime foster dogs to enjoy themselves, be it a 1 to 1 training session or a group session.

Group session - 45 minutes with up to 4 dogs, in a forest having an awesome time. Maybe a game of ball, maybe some simple training or a game of chase. Whatever makes their time enjoyable.

1 to 1 session dog only - This can be anything your dog needs. This time is with Anita working on anything that needs help, be it recall or back to basics. It can be a round of fun agility to some confidence building games.

1 to 1 session with the owner - This is with Anita, the owner and the dog, all working together to reach a goal of a happy, balanced dog. This can include puppy class basics.

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